3 Crucial Tips for Selling Profitably on eBay

eBay has become a go-to site for making top dollar for selling anything from antiques to yard-sale items. Selling on eBay may sound direct and straightforward, but most power sellers with 100% feedback ratings will refute that. To maximize your profits from the site, you need a few more tricks and finer details on the working of eBay up your sleeve. These tips will guide you to do just that, whether you’re a veteran seller or just starting:

  • Get excellent photos

Perfect, High-definition pictures of your products can make a massive difference in your chances of making a successful sale. Capture several clear images of your item while making sure to get the finest details, and use good lighting. The background is also an essential factor to put in mind, ensure it is not crowded to avoid taking attention away from your item. Use a high-quality digital device to avoid grainy photos.

  • Establish a highly-regarded account

When you are starting, it’s normal to feel somewhat deflated as your sales are going to be lower than you anticipated. However, not to worry; veterans always make more than newbies, owing to their being around longer. Being around for longer is a plus for buyers looking for trustworthy sellers, and having more detailed ratings that a buyer can refer to. To build up your account, start by selling small things that sell fast. This will get you the much needed positive review in a short time.

Reply to all buyers’ messages without delay and politely. In case a buyer complains about an item, offer them a refund, but only after they send it back.

  • Do thorough research on similar sold items

Market research will help you alter your pricing and listing accordingly to increase your chances of making a good sale. Search for your article and them filter for all sold items by checking the ‘Sold Listings’ box. Once you find the item closest to the one you intend to sell, note the angles its photos were taken at, the price, its description and the day the highest selling items’ deals were ended on.  This valuable information will help you know what interests your potential buyers.


These three tips will get you on the right track towards making lots of money and having lots of positive ratings. Sell often to keep your account active, plan smart and avoid being scammed.


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