3 Crucial Tips to Consider When Starting on eBay

Whether you are looking to shift gears into online business or just seeking to de-clutter your storage and give up the stuff your kids have outgrown, eBay is the perfect marketplace for you. For you to be successful, however, there are a few things you need to consider. The sellers who own the most thriving accounts on eBay have a few tricks up their sleeve that you can find here, and start off on a high note:

  • The condition of your item

Is your item sellable? You might be looking to make some cash from all the stuff you’ve discovered in storage, but ther’s a thin line between what is acceptable for sale and what is not. Some things to consider are its worth with reference to shipping fees, just how ‘used’ it is or is it missing some handles or other vital parts. If you would have to lie in the description box for it to have a chance at being sold, then it probably should not be on eBay.

  • Selling Fees

Selling on eBay without incurring any costs is not possible, as that small fee is what keeps eBay running. You need to determine how much your item is worth, and how many additional fees eBay will charge when you sell it. If you have a private account, eBay lets you list 20 articles per month for free, after which you pay an insertion fee of 35p per item.

There are additional charges for listing in more than one category, among others, plus transaction fees charged by PayPal and depending on how much you sell on eBay, you may need to pay tax; all these fees are to be considered and can readily be determined using the Ecal tool on eBay.

  • Establishing a reputable account

Starting up an account on eBay does not guarantee you quick sales. Most buyers will hesitate to buy from a brand new account holder with zero reviews. The best way to sort this out is first to become a buyer. This way, you can get yourself some positive reviews and build a history. Just buy a few inexpensive items, be polite and pay promptly. In addition to a good history, choose a professional, short and easy to recall username, as this will be your online business’ name.


These are a few tips to consider when starting on eBay, but further research and watching tutorials about how eBay works and the rules is highly recommended.


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