A Concise Guide for Selling on eBay in the UK

Learning about eBay and how it works is a smart first step. It will save you a lot of trouble when starting, and you won’t go in blind. Instead, you will know what to expect and respond appropriately, and in so doing improve your chances at success. eBay is a great selling place with over 171 million users as of 2018. If you learn the ropes, you could set up a successful online venture. If you are new to eBay, this concise guide is designed to help you have a great experience.

  • Setting up your account

The initial step is to first register an account with your username. You can have either a personal or business account. You should register a business account if you sell items you either produce or buy to resell or sell many products often. Otherwise, eBay will regard you as a private seller. To register, enter the details and contact information requested, a payment method for your seller fees, and payment method for buyers, and a public Feedback profile.

  • Making your first listing

First off, eBay prohibits selling of illegal products, guns, offensive materials (racist, sexually explicit), and raffle tickets among others. The definitive list on stuff eBay does not allow is available on the eBay site. To make a proper listing, first, do some market research on the item you plan to sell. This will help you tailor your listing appropriately and set the most competitive price.

To create your listing, click on ‘sell’ and enter the title and category. To set your item apart, enter a precise title including brand name, make, model, year of manufacture and other specs. There are other subsections where you add finer product details such as condition and specifications. Be honest about it being used or new, add many high-definition photos and a convincing and attention-grabbing description.

  • Delivery and payment options

eBay automatically offers the standard Royal Mail, but you can select another courier option under ‘Change delivery service.’ For payment, most sellers prefer PayPal for its ease and convenience.


In addition to this guide, watch as many tutorials as you can about pro selling on the eBay site and other platforms. There are eBay discussion boards where you can get most of your FAQs answered, along with other tips. You should also learn as much as you can about the selling fees eBay charges to avoid them and make as much profit as you can. Be consistent and patient, and you will sell better with time.

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